Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ina May's guide to childbirth

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This book is truly awesome! How I wish I had found it before I had my son. Ina May, incase you don't know here is one of the leading midwives in this country and her birth center (and community) has an amazing record for natural births. It's got so much useful info for all to-be moms regardless of what kind of birth you have, for instance, did you know that many doctors have now started to suture after a c-section in one layer rather than two even though it increase risk of harm to the mother? How about the fact that many doctors use a pill for induction that has never been approved for use in labor and has many harmful side effects? And on the positive side, did you know you can increase the room between your pelvic bones during labor by having some push on either side of the top of your hips while you push? Or that it's so important to have a place to give birth that you are comfortable with that it can make the difference between you body opening wide enough for the baby to come out and resorting to artificial induction methods? This book is so loaded with useful info for pregnant mom's-to-be it is now my official shower gift to all my friends! =) Read it! You NEED this info!


Shelly said...

Don't you LOVE that book? It's my pregnancy bible LOL.

mama o' the matrices said...

It was recommended to us before my second delivery (VBAC). It's a hell of a shock for anyone who blindly trusts the medical system - helps, I suppose, that we were already cynics.